Month: May 2016

Lost art of Healing


Most of us have seen Kung Fu Panda and have been mesmerized by Poo since then. In the movie during one of the battles with the villain, Tai Lung, all the furious five were overwhelmed and defeated by the infamous Nerve Attack, an extremely difficult technique. I bet ever one would have wished, only if I knew something like that!! But most of us discarded the thought considering that this art is neither practical nor possible and is just a fragment of imagination. Surprisingly it is as real as it can get and is still being practiced in parts of India.

Book called Sushruta Samhita, by Sushruta, the most detailed text on the human anatomy, medicine and lifestyle was written in 4th century BC and has a dedicated chapter on Marma Points or Pressure Points. It states that there are 107 pressure points located all over the body and have been classified into 5 different categories based on the different body tissues they deal with – Blood Vessels, Joints, Ligaments, Muscle and Bone. The knowledge and usage of these points was limited to Kings, Soldiers and vaid (ancient doctors). Due to continuous wars and the complexity of learning the art the number of the users came down drastically, bringing this art to the level of extinction. Luckily it survived the tests of time and is still being practiced in Kerala and is known as Varma kalai, an art which takes 12 years to be mastered and is extremely complex in nature as one wrong touch on some of these points can cause paralysis or even death.

But the art which was lost was another face of this dangerous art, the face of healing. Correct pressure on these points in various combinations can actually heal many ailments, nervous problems and provide relief in many diseases which are considered incurable by the modern science. Many of us are aware of the similar technique which deals with pressing point known as acupressure. But Marma Chikitsa, is a significantly difference in terms of location, technique and usage and better not to be confused with acupressure. Though, to an untrained person both the techniques might look extremely similar. There is a significant effort being made rite now to revive this art and is being practiced by extremely limited number of doctors and healers across the world. I have been associated with the practitioners of the same for now over 6 months and I am truly amazed by the wonders I have witnessed. It was a privilege to learn the art from one of the pioneers, Dr Sunil Joshi, founder Mritunjaya Mission, who has spent last 25 yeras of his life in studying and reviving this art and now is spreading his learning to the masses. Now Marma chiktsa has taken a completely different form from the ancient dangerous art and has been simplified to the level that most of the pressure points can be learnt, under proper guidance, and practiced by anyone at home. I really wish that people start learning and practicing the same for the benefit of others and for their own. In the way I have been doing it along with others.





Simple Digestion

campfire-wallpaper-1Over a period of time I believe our thought process becomes complicated and cluttered, probably that’s one of the reasons it becomes so difficult for us to understand (sometimes) simple things. To understand this lets do one simple exercise. Just mentally note down what all comes to mind when u hear the word “Air”. Take five seconds to think before you continue. Well, a lot of you would might have thought about the composition of the air as in x% CO2, y% O2 etc., some of you would might have recalled the latest WHO result of the most polluted city, some of you would might have thought about some Anime or TV series and some of you would might have thought about your latest experience out side air. All of you are correct but tell me how will you explain a 3 year old when he or she asks, “What is air”? It’s tough, because the question is too simple for our complex thought process.

The intention behind this piece is not to make you learn about how to think simply but rather explain you one process in a very simple manner. Its the process of combustion.To understand it lets assume a barbecue or a camp fire. We need fuel ( Coal or wood), a catalyst (diesel or gas), fire and air. Now everyone knows how to ignite a fire so I will not explain that. Rather let’s understand some of the things we take care while preparing for the fire.

  1. We make sure that the fuel is not wet.
  2. We make sure that the barbecue and the ground is dry.
  3. Wood and coal are in small pieces and one single large piece.
  4. We keep enough space between all different coal pieces and wood blocks to have sufficient air between them.
  5. We do not jam pack the barbecue.

If any of the above conditions exists, we will have a bad time. We will struggle to ignite the fire, will have too much smoke, will be too tiring and will not have a great time. That’s something we would like to avoid. Once we are done with the camp or barbecue we clean it up and throw the waste.

Well the entire process of our digestion is similar to that. Now imagine our stomach as a barbecue or the camp fire site. Our food is the fuel and the acids in our stomach are the catalyst. So to have a proper digestion

  1. We need small pieces of fuel so that it burns(digests) easily. “That’s why we are asked to chew properly”.
  2. We need to have some air in the stomach. ” That’s the reason we should never fill our complete stomach”.
  3. We need a very little amount of water to make the process smooth “That’s why never drink too much water while eating. It will have same effect as burning a wet coal or wood.”

As a thumb rule ” divide your stomach into 4 parts and fill two and a half parts with food, half part with water and remaining one part with air”.

It takes approximately 2-2.5 hours for our entire food to get digested and that’s a correct time to drink a glass or two of water as it will wash off any residue of the food stuck or left in our stomach and intestines. This simple explanation will help you understand half of the scientific things written in the digestion related articles.

Many of you might be dealing with weight issues, digestive issues such as irritating bowel movements or excessive gas, and issues of belching and bloating. Apart from the regular precautions please remember how we digest and always try to maintain the balance and follow the thumb rule.

“It’s that time of the month”

“It’s that time of the month”. This statement is part and parcel of every girl’s life since she hits puberty. For most of them it brings painful memories, loads of sympathy, initially, and indifference, as you grow-up. Every girl can relate to an experience where she is undergoing an unbearable pain, mad enough to shout at someone and literally enter a fight on anything under the sun. It took me a while to understand that this behavior is not only associated with the hormonal changes but also associated with the anguish behind their in ability to tackle pain. It’s a natural process and unfortunately nothing can be done to eliminate it. But what is more unfortunate is that even after so much technological advancement there is no solution to the pain which doesn’t have any side effects.

I am writing this piece to tell you all that there is one simple solution to tackle this issue. It’s called water therapy and it works (My friend has tried the same with her daughter and now she is a lot better). So please all those of you who experience pain just try it. If it works, it great, if it doesn’t, you have nothing to lose.

So you need the following things

  1. 1 towel – Medium size.
  2. 1 towel – Full size.
  3. 1 Plastic sheet – to cover the bed where you will be lying down.
  4. 1 bucket of Water
  5. 1 Shawl
  6. 1 Alarm clock / phone

You need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Fill the bucket of water and keep it by your bed side. Also keep all the other things ready.

Step 2: Lock the door.

Step 3: Cover the bed with plastic sheet so the bed doesn’t get wet.

Step 4: Remove ALL clothes below your waist and cover yourself with the full towel.

Step 5: Take the medium size towel and dip it in the bucket of water.

Step 6: Slightly squeeze the towel and reduce the water content but make sure that water is still dripping.

Step 7: Now lie down straight on the bed and remove the full towel and cover yourself from naval and below, till your thighs with the wet towel.

Step 8: Cover that wet towel with shawl and lie down and stay in this position for half an hour. (Set your alarm clock for half hour or use your phone).

That’s it!! You need to continue the same for a month.

Every girl has some triggers which actually aggravate the pain. These triggers are some general food items such as coffee, pickles or some other spicy stuff. So avoid those when you are approaching your date and if you don’t know about them, better start noticing what you eat and how does it affect you.

How does it work – water externally cools down your entire digestive and reproductive system. That’s all what I am able to understand I am still unaware about the science behind this but the fortunate part is that it works. So it’s your choice if you want to sulk over science or pain?

I really hope this will help you as it has helped others.