Organizing Life – Step 1

Last couple of years I have been listening and reading about how unhealthy our generation is becoming, be it physically or mentally. Internet is full of articles pinpointing exactly what is going wrong, who is at fault, who should be blamed for it and blah blah… But surprisingly most of the articles lack one thing and probably the most important thing, how we can correct it. I don’t claim that I have found a magic pill or the perfect formula to change our unhealthy habits to healthy one in an instant but what I think I have figured out is where our efforts to change and make our lifestyle a better, fail. I have seen people and I have been one of them who tried to change for good but failed miserably. This change what I am talking about comes once we see the signs of pain. These signs are different for everyone but have one common bottom line, “if I’ll tell this to my parents, I will get a big lecture which will probably last an hour or more and even at the end of it I will not have any solution for the same” (Probably agreeing to them that my mobile phone is the root of all the evils in my life). These signs of change may vary from the back pain which you have started to get when you drive your bike, or your favourite dress has shrunk suddenly, or you have this irritating bowel movements or anything which is out of normal and can be classified as a symptom of un-healthiness.

Once these signs appear we panic and our first reaction is, “I need to start gym” or “I need to make a schedule and follow it” or “no more beer for me”, but what happens in actual is our mental effort is never reciprocated in actual ground results. The real reason behind the same is not the sincerity of efforts but rather our attitude towards the effort and surprisingly we can’t do anything about it because this is the way we are. A click of button and we have all the information in our hands, “which gym to go to”, “which diet chart to follow, “what is the name of the back pain and what medicine and what exercise I need to do”, and a lot of other random stuff, and what we expect?? – ”To get better in the same fashion”- a fraction of a second.

Well what we all have been able to figure out is that it is impossible and we have had our share of failures to realise that. We failed because we tried too hard to change our entire routine in a go, get out of our comfort zone in an instant (and the best part we do expect ourselves to win), & tried so many things at the same time. I think it’s time to accept the truth that irrespective how fast our life is and how much money do we have, our health and our life need time & it’s a slow process. Over last one year I have done some experiments on my own lifestyle and come up with some basic simple actions which can help you transform yourself. This process will not help you lose weight over a month neither it will transform you into a diva or a Greek god. What this process will do is help you organize and get ready to actually get out of your comfort zone and follow that diet plan, that daily routine which you have been planning or that gym for which you have already paid for 6 months and have set foot only twice in last two months.

It’s a month long process and you will start to see the change in yourself.

  1. Sleep: Fix your sleep time. Be it 4 am or 10 pm, doesn’t matter to begin with, but fix it. No matter what, you will go to bed at that time and you will not use any gadget or book or anything else and make 100% sincere effort to sleep.
  2. Sit: We all have a great imagination so here is a small 10 min exercise for your imagination. Select a place in a room (make sure it’s not your bedroom or loo) and sit there comfortably. Set your alarm clock for 10 minutes and put it on Alarm only mode. Close your eyes and imagine a flood. Imagine a lot of water flowing with trees, animals, cars, houses etc. flowing in it. Be as creative in your imagination you can but your focus is flood, so even if your thoughts go hay wire imagine a flood there and washing everything. Once alarm rings, open your eyes close the alarm and continue your daily activity. You can do it at any time of the day.
  3. Water: Divide your day into three 5 hour cycles and make sure you drink 1 litre of water in those 5 hours. 1 glass is approximately 250 ml. So basically 4 glasses in 5 hours. It’s not much.
  4. Pen: Buy one pen, a good one, and do not lose it for 6 months.(It’s a big challenge for me :p)
  5. Shoes: Every day we go out and wear a pair of sandals or shoes or slippers etc. I don’t want you to change anything in that. Just add one thing. Decide a location for your every pair and make sure you keep it back at the same location you remove them. Sounds simple. But here is a catch, this is the first thing u have to  do once you are back home, irrespective you have a desperate need to use the loo or you have an urgent phone call to make or anything else, ( only exception a matter of life and death).
  6. Quit: Quit one thing for a month. Anything.. Be it pizza or burger or smoking or liquor or even a vegetable, something which you love and eat regularly. But make sure you don’t take it. No exceptions. And at last
  7. Calendar: Get a wall calendar and hang it in your room and start crossing each successful day. So just 30 crosses and you are done with this program.

Many of you might be thinking how will it help??

  1. Sleep: Your body clock will stabilise.
  2. Sit: You will find peace.
  3. Pen: Well it’s tough not to lose a pen.
  4. Water: You just hydrated your body enough to tackle every digestive problem.
  5. Shoes: You will learn the meaning of word urgency and patience at the most tiring point of your day. A point where you either need a bed or loo.
  6. Quit: You will learn control.
  7. Calendar: You will realise how less 30 days are.

If you guys are up for changing your lifestyle and have failed a lot of times previously. Just try this. Even if you are already doing a few things from the list, try all the remaining ones. I believe it will help you the way it did help me. Few tips to end it – keep reminders, use some schedule management apps if you tend to forget. Try it… You have nothing to lose. :p


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