“It’s that time of the month”

“It’s that time of the month”. This statement is part and parcel of every girl’s life since she hits puberty. For most of them it brings painful memories, loads of sympathy, initially, and indifference, as you grow-up. Every girl can relate to an experience where she is undergoing an unbearable pain, mad enough to shout at someone and literally enter a fight on anything under the sun. It took me a while to understand that this behavior is not only associated with the hormonal changes but also associated with the anguish behind their in ability to tackle pain. It’s a natural process and unfortunately nothing can be done to eliminate it. But what is more unfortunate is that even after so much technological advancement there is no solution to the pain which doesn’t have any side effects.

I am writing this piece to tell you all that there is one simple solution to tackle this issue. It’s called water therapy and it works (My friend has tried the same with her daughter and now she is a lot better). So please all those of you who experience pain just try it. If it works, it great, if it doesn’t, you have nothing to lose.

So you need the following things

  1. 1 towel – Medium size.
  2. 1 towel – Full size.
  3. 1 Plastic sheet – to cover the bed where you will be lying down.
  4. 1 bucket of Water
  5. 1 Shawl
  6. 1 Alarm clock / phone

You need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Fill the bucket of water and keep it by your bed side. Also keep all the other things ready.

Step 2: Lock the door.

Step 3: Cover the bed with plastic sheet so the bed doesn’t get wet.

Step 4: Remove ALL clothes below your waist and cover yourself with the full towel.

Step 5: Take the medium size towel and dip it in the bucket of water.

Step 6: Slightly squeeze the towel and reduce the water content but make sure that water is still dripping.

Step 7: Now lie down straight on the bed and remove the full towel and cover yourself from naval and below, till your thighs with the wet towel.

Step 8: Cover that wet towel with shawl and lie down and stay in this position for half an hour. (Set your alarm clock for half hour or use your phone).

That’s it!! You need to continue the same for a month.

Every girl has some triggers which actually aggravate the pain. These triggers are some general food items such as coffee, pickles or some other spicy stuff. So avoid those when you are approaching your date and if you don’t know about them, better start noticing what you eat and how does it affect you.

How does it work – water externally cools down your entire digestive and reproductive system. That’s all what I am able to understand I am still unaware about the science behind this but the fortunate part is that it works. So it’s your choice if you want to sulk over science or pain?

I really hope this will help you as it has helped others.


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