and I wanted to become BATMAN

Since childhood everyone dreams to become a superhero and defeat villains. This dream might have been inspired by Superhero comics or Calvin and Hobbes or even watching your favorite movie star fighting on the silver screen. We used to create imaginative villains attacking our homes or our planet and we had our Towels as our capes and our plastic guns as our weapons and we never failed. We always had that victory run around the house with hands held high and whistling sound from our mouths. But what happened to that dream? Did we grow too much into reality that we realized that there is no proof of aliens yet and we have a police force to keep our houses safe? Well what ever happened that dream sometimes come on surface when we see some real life heroes.

Last night I watched Airlift, an Indian movie based on the real incident of the largest ever evacuation program by any country, and got reminded of those dreams again. I imagined myself doing similar acts of saving lives and helping people. I dreamt about those surreal situations and acts of my heroism. I think we all do and probably that’s why these movies based on real life intrigue us and shake us, because somewhere they make us dream again. But I realized there is a small flaw in my dreams, similar to my childhood days I still create those imaginary villains, its just, now they are a little more logical, but in the end those villains are still imaginary.  And I realized that “To be superheroes we create villains”, but that’s not how I remember my childhood superheroes. They never created their villains rather they became superheroes because they wanted to fight those villains who were out there. These real life heroes did not create those life and death situations, they were stuck in the situations and came out heroes.

I spent last 6 hours arguing with myself that I never had this opportunity to become great, I was never stuck in a war-zone; I was never on a hijacked plane or never in a life and death situation. But in the end I realized that it was just me arguing, trying to save that last bit of my childhood dream “That I wanted to be a BATMAN”. It was hard for me but in the end what can I do? I have to go out and earn, have those weekend night-outs, have fancy clothes for my next tinder date, have to buy those overpriced pizzas and branded clothes. I don’t have time to live in my fantasy world. I am a REALIST, not a DREAMER and next time when I will watch such a movie. I will probably come back and shed a tear or two, not because I will be moved by the story but because I will remember that once even I had a dream and I wanted to become BATMAN.



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