Alan Kurdi

Remember remember 2nd of September

The refugee crisis and war…

I know of no reason

Why the refugee crisis

Should ever be forgot!!

Uncle and his companions

Did the scheme contrive,

To blow up the Middle Earth

All up alive.

Fields of oil, laid below,

To rationale old civilization’s overthrow.

But, by hell’s guidance, them they formed,

With black flags, decapitating souls!!

They raped their own

For Allah’s sake!!

If you won’t give me oil,

I’ll take from you,

It’s better for me,

And I will make it worse for you.

War, war, for pride’s sake,

A Barrel of Bombs to choke them,

Mediterranean Sea to drown,

And reigning fire from air to burn them.

Holloa, boys! Holloa, boys! Make the bells ring! (World Economies)

Holloa, boys! Holloa, boys! Death save us from this KING!

Hip, hip, hooor-r-ray!


PS: Alan Kurdi drowned a year ago in Mediterranean Sea and his death spoke to the world in a manner in which cries of million couldn’t.


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